The SACEI Forum, our official journal, is devoted to Vietnamese culture, history, music and arts. It will be published quarterly beginning with:
                  - The first issue in Feb 08
                  - The second issue in May 08 and so on.
         Please send us your articles dealing with the above topics.

         1.   A Love Affair (Christina Vo)
         2.   Vietnam, an Old and New Nation (Chat V. Dang)
         3.   Marco Polo, Vietnam in the 13th century (Hien V. Ho)
         4.   The Lotus Pond (Nghia M. Vo)
         5.   A Unique Medical Education (Chat V. Dang)
         6.   Tam Cam: A Tale of Vietnamese Cinderella (Hien V. Ho)
         7.   My Life as a Zombie (Minh Thien Ngo)
         8.   Ho Xuan Huong's Rebellion? (Nghia M. Vo)
         9.   Tieng Hue (Hien V. Ho)
         10. Autobiography (Nguyen Chi Thien)
         11. Reflections about Hanoi Women's Painters (Nghia M. Vo)
         12. Shadow of the Past (Mai Lien)
         13. Anatomy of an Escape (Theresa C. Trask)
         14. The Mercury Balance Syndrome (Hien V. Ho)
         15. Dau Viet Hoi Nga (Trang Si Dinh)
         16. Dr. Patricia Smith: A Shining Light (Editors)


         17. Mai Ve-Tan Tac (Thuy Tien Nguyen)
         18. Ta On Nguoi-Together (Huynh Anh Schroeder)
         19. Walk with Me-Treasures (Quynh P. Nguyen)
         20. Spanish Meatballs (Thach Ngoc Truong)